Pushy Purchase 2012

We all know the term “pushy sales people”. When going shopping in places that offer one on one assistance the unhappy buyer often claims they felt “pushed” into making a decision. Truly, not a salesman in this world has the ability to make any shopper purchase. It is usually the rash decision of the consumer to buy upon implulse then later regret their decision. This action creates them to shop later with the idea that they were pushed into making the wrong purchase the first time. PLEASE consumers be aware that most commission based sales people do not, I repeat do not, want you to make a rash buying choice. All this leads to is a phone call from an unhappy buyer and either the loss of our commission due to the merchandise you return or the loss of you, our customer because you are not happy with the choice you made. I would rather a customer come in numerous times and absolutely be sure and love the item(s) they purchase than buy the first time they visit the showroom and regret the choice later. No consultant wants you to have an item that you are unhappy with, expecially when their name is tied to that item. You know that couch you hate? The one that every time some one mentions it you say ” oh, I hate that sofa I never should have bought it!” Then they ask where did you get it? Well, there you go, now that store lost a potential customer because of a rash purchase. So before you buy be sure it is really what you want.

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Are you willing to pay the price to make it American?

This is a very different topic than my usual design advice and furniture quandaries. I feel it is necessary to touch upon this subject because of how deeply it effects myself and many of the talented people I work with.

Today many households number one worries is money. Yep, money, it is what shelters us, puts food in our mouths and sometimes allows us the little luxuries we desire. The furniture industry began saving money and in turn began saving buyers money about 7 years ago. They did so by outsourcing much of the labor it requires to create furniture. There has always been concerns about American made furniture vs Asian manufactured furniture. Sadly this will often effect the outcome of a purchase. When a client asks is it made in America, my heart sinks. “What is made in America anymore?” Truly, not a lot. Many of the companies are still American owned and ran but with labors laws in America the price of furniture began to get to high for the average consumer. So the industry took action to lower the price that a buyer pays. This resulted in outsourced labor. On a daily basis I am faced with clients asking for a lower price on the item or items they want. I want all future buyers to understand that if the furniture they were considering was made in America the price would be considerable higher. You want to keep our jobs in America? Then pay the price it takes to pay our workers. You can not take without a little give.

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Courtney Jeffcott-Distressed about distressing?

When shoppers go on a hunt for something “new” for their home many today are often surprised by the not so new look of today’s furniture. An ever increasing trend of primitive or unfinished furniture has taken the showroom floors by storm. The earthy and natural raw looks of driftwood and sea glass have made a huge impact on the younger furniture shoppers but what about the more traditional generations? I quote a previous client of mine “If I wanted old looking furniture I would drag it out of my basement.”  My first thought was : who in Florida has and basement and secondly why such a strong disregard for the style?

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Courtney Jeffcott-Its in NOW

Courtney Jeffcott-

      In the fashion world you have the ever continuing “fads”. Whats in today may not be tomorrow. As women of modern times we have learned how to juggle these new trends with what works for us personally (our body profile, skin type, personal preference, ect..)but when it comes to our home we tend to forget that not everything looks great on everybody. Just like not every home design trend can work in your home. Skinny jeans may be a great trend now and look fabulous on the 6′ model stomping down the runway but that doesn’t mean you should run out and buy a pair. Think about your home like your body. What compliments its architecture, what sizes scale correctly in each room, what colors are the most flattering. Just because you like it does not mean you need it.

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Courtney Jeffcott Designs

Courtney Jeffcott-

Accessories. The final touches that make or break a room. So how do you know when your finished or even how to start? It is not about filling every empty space or cramming in a lifeless floral just because you have an open niche. It’s about balance. Just as balance plays a major role in furniture it does the same with accessories. I know there are a lot of no-no’s out there that claim faux florals are out and you should never use colored candles, ect….and in some cases theses guidelines apply but not in every case should you strictly follow them. When buying accessories make a “grocery list” first. Go from room to room and write down ideas for what kind of accessories you want and where they would go in that room. This way when you are out shopping you have a good jumping off point to your purchases. I often draw out rooms and place the accessories in my sketch so I can see how they will balance in that space. You don’t have to be an artist to do this nor does anyone ever have to see your handy work but it will help you from feeling completely lost and overwhelmed with all of the accessory options that are out there.

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Courtney Jeffcott

Courtney Jeffcott: Color Vs Spice

So we have come to the conclusion that color can be like spicy food. Well done creates a perfectly balanced meal just as well placed color creates a well-balanced space. To balance color it is all about repetition and the use of complimentary hues. For those whose palette may not be quite as broad try your color in accessories only. Accessories are the garnish of the room and will be the determining factor in the finished look. Using neutrals on the largest items of the room will give you the blank canvas to start using more vivacious tones in the art, table tops and area rugs.

-Courtney Jeffcott

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Courtney Jeffcott

Courtney Jeffcott-

We all as individuals grow. Not only physically but also mentally. Our wisdom broadens and our tastes evolve. So where is it that our design taste evolves to? All styles for the most part have proven themselves to always have a second wind. It makes you questions if you were born during a certain era does this mean your excluded to ever evolve to that style again?

Some clients prove this theory to be some what true. Many of the contemporary to modern pieces on the market do have a nod to the unique retro lines of the 40’s-60’s. Because design is influenced by the past many of those who lived during those times feel like the new trends are really not new at all but dated. I can agree to a certain point that some designs are tired and are to close of a representation of the inspiration. Then there are those designers who took the core of a design and gave it a fresh and updated feel. For example: more organic wood tones on the market that are effortlessly being used in very clean and art deco pieces. It’s a classic trend with a very fresh update.

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